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What is it?

ABSA has collated interviews on strong females in business as part of our International Women’s day tribute. Hosted by Anastasia Cao (2021 President), the pre-recorded interviews include talking about their different career path journeys, how they may have bypassed inherent inequities along the way as a woman and what policies their company has in place to mitigate such biases or any diversity and inclusion policies. Interviewees also touch on their own experiences and initiatives to help other women and girls succeed. 

Watch the series here:

Meet our Interviewees

Cindy Hook 

Asia Pacific CEO of Deloitte

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Michelle Hardie Headshot.jpeg

Michelle Hardie

Head of Operations & Strategy at Amazon

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Laura Parr

Strategy & Insights Manager at Google

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Karen Zhang 

Google Cloud Field Sales Lead

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Lex May 2018.jpeg

Alexis George


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Natasha Copley 2019-01 colour.jpg

Natasha Copley

HR Director at DXC Technology

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