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Business People Mingling


As a national organisation, we are committed to supporting and enhancing the quality of life of the communities where our members study and live. By using our resources and national reach, ABSA has the capabilities to offer support, shared business expertise as well as the passion, effort and talent of our people. We are making positive, measurable contributions to local communities across Australia through our vision of equipping tomorrow's business leaders.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • ​Educational Attainment

  • Youth Development

  • Technology and Innovation

Our Approach

  • ​Corporate monetary contributions that complement the donations or volunteer efforts of our people

  • Staff fundraising (volunteering their time and/or money)

  • Volunteering (donation of professional service, management expertise, skills and time to local communities)

We are always looking for ways to go beyond financial resources and consider how to make best use of our assets, resources, expertise, advocacy, and relationships to support and enhance local communities across Australia. In addition, we aim to align our community investment with our mission and the strategic issues of our organisation to create shared value. ABSA welcomes the opportunity to work closely with community groups and organisations to support local economic development and poverty alleviation, which would outlast our organisation's individual mechanisms to provide assistance.

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