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ABSA’s vision is “Equipping tomorrow's leaders with the opportunities to succeed".

Our strategy seeks to deliver on this vision by serving our members who are Australia’s preeminent business student groups. ABSA’s strategy is strengthened through its people, community and governance focus areas, which further enhance the organisation’s standing as the leading representative body for Australian business students.

In delivering our strategy, we have three strategic priorities that help guide our activities. 


Australian Business Students' Association - ABSA
  • Providing the resources for students to acquire new skills and enhance existing skills

  • Implementing safe-to-fail environments where students are able to develop their skill sets

  • Presenting opportunities for students to identify industry expectations and recognise how their development aligns with such expectations

Australian Business Students' Association - ABSA
  • ​Challenging students to go outside of their comfort zone and meet new people

  • Advocating an inclusive environment where students and industry professionals can interact and share ideas

  • Development and maintenance of professional relationships within the ABSA network and across Corporate Australia

  • Developing a platform for students to acquire graduate opportunities across the Asia-Pacific region

  • Establishing opportunities for graduates to retain the development and networking outcomes provided through ABSA



Australian Business Students' Association - ABSA


  • Excellence - Ensuring the highest quality

  • Integrity - Staying true to yourself

  • Ownership - Holding yourself to account

  • Passion - The energy of what excites you

  • Respect - Being a genuinely good person

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