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2022 Highlights 

At ABSA, we strive to provide opportunities for students to develop their skills and connect with industry professionals. We are proud to showcase our recent projects and achievements, including our highly successful industry mentor program and our annual conference, both of which have made a significant impact on the Australian business community.

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Industry Mentor Program

ABSA's Industry Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for students to directly connect with industry representatives. Our goal is to align our mentors' backgrounds with your interests and ambitions within a 3 month structured program

Annual Conference

" Digital Revolution" 

Our Annual Conference is the premier event for business students in Australia. In 2022, we tackled the topic of 'The Digital Revolution - how technology has transformed the future of business', which proved to be incredibly relevant and eye-opening. Join us for this next year for this informative and engaging event that connects students with industry leaders and provides valuable insights into the future of business.

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