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2021 Highlights

Our spectacular 2021 Annual Conference, Entrepreneurship and Innovation series, and inspiring International Women's Day Interviews brought together aspiring leaders and industry experts. Please browse through our highlights of 2021 and stay tuned for our upcoming events to join us and take advantage of these opportunities in 2022

2021 Annual Confrence 


Our Annual Conference for the 2021 year was a major success with collaboration with all our member societies. Our theme and area of focus was 'Resurgence' which was a very relevant and important issue that was addressed due to the evolving world after a global pandemic. 

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation series

The future belongs to innovators, and ABSA is dedicated to providing students with the skills and tools they need to succeed. Our startup pitch program is the perfect platform for students to explore their ideas, network with industry insiders, and learn how to turn their passions into profitable ventures. Check out our recent winners, Greenlight Team, as well as the other 14 finalist teams who received $5,000 worth of Amazon credits to support their business ideas.

International Women's Day Interview's

 Hosted by Anastasia Cao (2021 President), the pre-recorded interviews include talking about their different career path journeys, how they may have bypassed inherent inequities along the way as a woman and what policies their company has in place to mitigate such biases or any diversity and inclusion policies. Interviewees also touch on their own experiences and initiatives to help other women and girls succeed. 

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