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Business Meeting


Our people are the critical component in our development as they can make the difference. We believe in the power of people, since people make things happen and define our destiny. Our people are the most important and valuable asset to ABSA, and therefore, allow us to reach targets and bring exceptional value to our stakeholders.

ABSA aims to create an open, fair, equal opportunity and honest work environment where all people are treated with respect and courtesy in an inclusive, productive and safe work environment. All people within ABSA, and affiliated organisations, are responsible for upholding this principle and striving towards making ABSA a great place to work.

We pride ourselves on our diverse workforce at all levels of the organisation, with various nationalities represented within ABSA. We are committed to attracting, developing, promoting and retaining a diverse team to better serve our diverse members, while creating an inclusive environment in which all people within ABSA can contribute their unique knowledge and experience to make a real impact on the world around us.

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