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Make a Difference.

****Applications are now closed! Any submissions made from now on will not be considered. Keep an eye out for our next intake!


ABSA's Industry Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for students to directly connect with industry representatives. Our goal is to align our mentors' background with your interests and ambition within a 3 month structured program.

For students looking for advice, guidance, tips and any career-related suggestions. You will be matched with either someone working in your ideal career path or a recruiter in that area. Students can learn from the first-hand experience of industry professionals and their diverse career paths. But most importantly, learn at your own pace and have fun with it!

For Industry Representatives who enjoy encouraging and motivating others or just want to give back to the community, you can do so through the Industry Mentor Program! This is a fantastic opportunity to build on leadership skills and make a difference by helping to shape the next generation. Feel free to reach out to us via means below.

So what are you waiting for? Register below to participate in our Industry Mentor Program and to find out more!

Applications will strictly close Friday 14th May 2021 @ 11:59pm


Looking to become a mentee or mentor?


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