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We have a number of teams within ABSA. Students from across Australia have a unique opportunity to be part of the association and work alongside industry advisors throughout their time with ABSA. Build your network, develop new and existing skills, and thrive on a fun and rewarding experience! Don't worry too much about what specific position you should apply for - ABSA welcomes an adaptive and functional professional development experience where our people are free to move between roles and teams.

  • Am I eligible to participate?
    If you are a student member of an ABSA Member, you have exclusive access to participate in all stages of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Series. To find out if your respective business society is an ABSA member, please find your society's logo in the Co-Host space above. If you are a prospective Member, please visit here for more information!
  • How do I apply?
    Applications are now open and will close August 26th! Please apply to your respective Student Society via the links below. Sydney University Business Society: Adelaide Business Students' Society: Commerce Students' Society Melbourne: ANU's Actuarial Finance Economics Commerce Society: ​Tasmanian University Business and Economics Society: University of Queensland Business Association:
  • Where can I go to find out more information?
    Please get in contact with us via our contact page or email at Alternatively, please visit the following Facebook Event pages: Team Applications: Entrepreneurship Panel:

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