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ABSA's Impact in 2021

Report by the 2021 ABSA Team

2021 was a huge milestone year for ABSA. It was the first full year of operations since our national restructuring. Team morale, industry connectivity and organisational growth was at an all time high for us.

Have a read as we recap all our staple 2021 projects including:

  1. Annual Conference: Resurgence

  2. International Women's Week

  3. Mentorship Program

  4. Bake-off with Adriano Zumbo

  5. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Series

Also enjoy a few kind words from our society member Presidents on their experience being apart of our network.

A huge thank you to the team, our members, the student community and industry professionals who all continue to actively contribute towards our mission towards equipping tomorrow's leaders with the opportunities to succeed.

Special mention to Anastasia Cao (President), Emily Liang (Internal Vice President) & William Hack (External Vice President).

2021 Impact report
Download PDF • 57.04MB

Be sure to stay connected with ABSA on social media to see what the next year unfolds!


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